SERG is now part of Vital Communities

After 14 years pioneering energy programs throughout Vermont and New Hampshire as an independent nonprofit organization, SERG has decided to merge into Vital Communities, a longtime partner and nonprofit leader in the Upper Valley. The formal merger​ took effect on January 1, 2016.

For now, all the online resources you love from SERG are still available here on the old SERG website. In February 2016 those resources will shift to​.

SERG and Vital Communities have a long history of successful collaboration on energy efforts. SERG has built a strong legacy developing and implementing model grassroots energy programs. Combined with Vital Communities' institutional capacity and shared mission, we are confident we can accomplish more together than we ever could on our own.

Beginning in 2016, SERG Founder and Executive Director Bob Walker will work directly with Vital Communities​' Energy Program as a consultant and mentor. We look forward to continuing and strengthening efforts to ​help homeowners and towns use less energy and invest is renewable energy resources.

Contact Vital Communities Energy Program Manager Sarah Simonds with any questions, ( or 802-291-9100 x109).