Town Energy Committees

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About Town Energy Committees

SERG pioneered the concept of forming Town Energy Committees (TEC) in Vermont and New Hampshire in 2002.  These volunteer committees work to implement energy-saving and renewable energy projects in their communities.

Today we network with more than 90 TECs in each state in collaboration with the following state focused organizations:

We also work more closely with towns in the Upper Valley region of VT and NH, helping to form new TECs, develop and promote programs for them, support collaborative work between ECs and organize annual Upper Valley Energy Committee (UV EC) networking roundtable meetings. Below is a map of UV towns with ECs (green) and towns where someone has expressed interest to us in forming a EC (light green).  The gray towns have neither.  A contact list is listed under the Helpful Links above for the existing ECs or please contact SERG for any contacts to any of the Energy Committees or Coordinators below. If you are interested in forming a new TEC,  have any questions or would like any information please contact us as well.  We are looking for volunteers!










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A few Upper Valley TEC Successes include...

  • Thetford streetlight removal and upgrade to LEDs reduced streetlight energy use by 86%
  • Plainfield Elementary School renovation reduced energy use by 40% (90% in sections where work was done)
  • Thetford campaign resulted in 18 weatherized, 26% projected average energy savings and $914 annual cost savings
  • Strafford study showed 27 acre Elizabeth Mine site feasible for 5.5MW photovoltaic array
  • Norwich transitioned to biodiesel in school bus fleet and municipal vehicles
  • Hartford added solar thermal and PV on recreation building 
  • Hartland installed high efficiency boilers in Town Hall and Garage and conducted audits on Rec Center, Town Hall and Library