Laminated Floor

Laminate flooring has become a favorite to many due to its remarkable features. If you are thinking of choosing an affordable flooring material that is easy to clean; then laminate flooring should feature in your list. Let’s see some surprising facts about laminates.


The main benefit of installing laminate flooring is its affordability. You can get cheap laminate flooring from dealers in your locality. Also, when you compare the cost of installing other types of floors, such as natural stone or hardwood, laminate flooring is significantly affordable. Thus anyone can laminate their home or business using laminates.

Easy to Clean

floor cleaning

Everyone loves a floor they can easily clean; laminate flooring serves this purpose.  When cleaning the laminates, you need to use a vinegar solution or any other substance recommended by the manufacturer. You should not wax your laminate floor nor use water or excessive moisturizer when cleaning the floor.


Laminate flooring is manufactured using high-density fiberboard. To make the laminates extra force is exerted on wood chips. Thus we can say this type of flooring is eco-friendly since we don’t need to cut down an entire tree to make the flooring, but instead, leftovers are used (wood chips).

It Differs from Parquet

Though laminate flooring differs from parquets, most people confuse the tow yet they’re two different materials. Laminate flooring is made from high-density fiberboard, while parquet is made via joining pieces of real hardwood to come up with an attractive geometric pattern. Laminate flooring mimics wood floors due to its photographic finish.


durable laminate floor

Though laminate flooring is affordable, it’s also long-lasting. This flooring material can withstand huge foot traffic. It’s also easy to maintain. Most of the superior quality laminates have a protective coating the makes the surface stain resistance. This makes cleaning the floor easy and also a perfect choice for a home with kids and pets.


Installation Is Easy

Laminate flooring is pretty easy to install and remove. It has interlocking systems that make joining the laminates effortless. For example, if you’re moving to a new home and you had installed laminate flooring in your house, you can easily dismantle the laminates and reinstall in your new house without any challenges.

Can be Installed on Another Floor

One of the significant benefits of laminate flooring is you can install it on top of another floor without damaging the original floor. With the glueless laminates, you don’t need any special tools or force to install. This is referred to as ‘floating floor,’ meaning you have to laminate an existing floor.