battery powered weed eater

Selecting the best battery powered weed eater is not easy especially for first-time buyers. If you are in the space of wanting to buy a weed eater, there are some things you should have in mind for the right selection.


Weight affects mobility and productivity hence the need for a battery powered weed eater which is light enough. From the name, a battery-powered weed eater uses a battery as a source of power. There are models which weigh as little as ten pounds while some are heavier. Working with a light trimmer allows you to work on a large space without getting tired faster. You see, it is the number and size of the parts making the machine which determine its weight. Be on the watch out for poor models which makes the trimmer heavy.


For a battery powered trimmer, it gets its power from the charged battery. One of the main things you should be keen about is power and how much of power you need for your job. If you are cleaning a large field, you need a higher capacity battery or many batteries so that you do not get out of power during your operation. If you are only buying a trimmer for home use, there is no need to stress a lot about power. There are affordable models in the market which will run for about thirty minutes without asking for a recharge.

Battery Life

When buying a battery for your weed eater, you must get one that is lightweight and keeps the charge for long. Many times one battery will not be enough so you can get two or three to substitute. If your field is large, try and get a backup to avoid inconveniences. Always carry an extra charged battery so that you do not have to stop work to recharge. Someone might be calculating the cost of buying the backup batteries to be too high, but the good news is that the batteries are very affordable.

Guard Quality

Many people are not keen on the guard part of the weed eater. If you do not want weeds and debris to get launched on your legs, invest in a weed eater with a high-quality guard eater. People will advise you to wear jeans during the cutting of weed, but what happens if you are in a very hot area? You can still wear your shots but invest in a weed eater with a high-quality guard.