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Most people declutter their homes when anticipating change, goal setting, reflection, and above all to make the space look tidy. There are several systems that people follow but once you decide to declutter you can incorporate a system that works for you. Using flexible storage solutions can be beneficial to store unused items. Here are some tips to store unused household items:

Use the Creative Spaces

There are some underutilized spaces in the house that you can take advantage of and maximize your storage. One of the spaces is underneath a staircase, you can organize boxes and bins with your items carefully labeled. Try to build custom shelves or buy pre-made storage. Create a flange system for the ceiling for storage containers of 2 by 4 and 2 by 2s.

For storing heavier items you might want to a firm storage lift. Use an old mattress spring and turn it into a stylish wall mount. It is ideal for hanging tools as well as a decorative piece. Use under the sink to store unused brushes, brooms, or other cleaning tools. Repurpose that old ladder and use it to hang items.

Keep Bins and Boxes Organized

If your bins and boxes aren’t organized then there is no point in storing them on shelves. Use criteria when storing items in bins otherwise you might go back where you started if a family member sifts through the bins. Things that you might decide to use seasonally should be easily accessible without digging in the boxes.

Make it easier to retrieve holiday decor, swimming pool items, costumes, travel items, and camping equipment. Perhaps store them in the same boxes and label the front. You don’t necessarily need a lid for the bins when storing such items. When storing clothes, label the bags and organize be either age, gender, season, and purpose, do the same for toys.

rent storage

Plan and Make a List

You know the items that have not been in use for some time. You need to plan your space for example the basement, take into consideration the height of the ceiling, the elements such as moisture, heat, insects, temperature, and cooling ducts.

Don’t forget to make a list of each item indicating where it’s going to be stored. This is a way of remembering where things are kept in the future. Stick the list on the wall next to the storage space.

Use Labels

The fact that you have unused household items doesn’t mean that they have to be neglected. If you are planning to keep them in clear bins, then you might not need a label. For people who like everything organized, you can use labels. Storing different items in the same colored bins might be confusing.

A great idea is to take pictures of the bin contents before closing it up, print out the picture, and stick it to the bin. This helps to know exactly what is inside the bin. Make the labels as visible as possible so that you don’t have to go through several bins to find what you’re looking for.